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frozen forest – new video

frozen forest video

Hello everyone and happy Sunday!

This past week France, like most of Europe, has been hit by a polar vortex that brought extremely severe conditions.
Perceived temperatures at the Windy Burrow have been around -20°C (-4°F) all week long, and venturing out has been a bit of an ordeal.
For the first time ever, even Zen (our snow-loving dog companion) is eager to get back inside after just a few minutes outside, in the biting chill.
In other words: it’s been way too cold and too windy to film anything!

And so, we take the opportunity to show you something we thought we’d never show on this channel, our first video ever. We filmed this a couple of years ago as a creative experiment, when we had no plans to create a Youtube channel, we didn’t even watch Youtube and we had no idea there were actually other people enjoying what is now known as “silent hiking” (nor any skills when it comes to video making).

On that freezing afternoon we just went for a hike with cameras to shoot photos ( you can see one here:…​ ) and Fabien suddenly said “it’s way too beautiful, why don’t we try to capture this on video?” and so we did.
The location is the Spitzenfels mountain in Vosges, at 1190 mt (3905 feet). We take you along a hike through an ethereal high-altitude frozen forest, and the path becomes more and more beautiful as we go up. These woods seem enchanted, bewitched by fantastic creatures, and once you reach the top, the peak dominates an abyssal, vertiginous cliff.
Before slowly heading back we had the chance to capture pink clouds dancing in the sky at sunset, that elusive “February light”.

We still cherish this video, even if two years after we know its shortcomings. Let us know what you think of it in the comments down below.
Also, if you stay until the very end, you’ll see some type of bloopers… even if we try to be “real” Youtubers, but we just can’t 😛

To watch the video, you can click here or play it directly:


We hope this contemplative video filled with nature sounds and sights will be a chance for you to spend some time outdoors, relax, slow down, take a deep breath, be present, be mindful. It’s the end of another beautiful day in the woods, thank you for spending it with us!

See you next week?

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