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We made a music video: watch L’Offensive by Varsovie

Varsovie - L'Offensive

A few months back Fabien received a message from the founder of Varsovie, a French post-punk band we both LOVE. Can you imagine, one day you’re home, working at your computer while listening to some great music and you get a message from that same band… so surreal.

Long story short, we ended up making their new video clip and we can finally tell you about it.

The concept for the video was really Fabien’s cup of tea: lots of long drone shots of moody forests, melancholic walks in the woods and dark mountains. These are elements we’ve been incorporating in our videos all along, because that’s exactly the type of environment that surrounds our cabin. But never in a million years we would have thought someone might like this mood as much as us.

We are super stoked and honoured to have the opportunity to work with such a unique and charismatic band, and are excited for you to see the result here:

Musically, Varsovie plays a dark, rock post-punk with a predilection for melancholic atmospheres. In their music you can find influences of groups like Joy Division, Bauhaus, the first Noir Désir but their sound, however, is more powerful and aggressive. Their lyrics are in French and heavily marked by a symbolist, decadent and expressionist writing with references linked to historical crises (Warsaw Uprising) and references to less known artists such as Sergei Essénine or Francis Giauque.

You can follow Varsovie on their Facebook page, BandCamp, Instagram, Spotify and on their YouTube channel

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