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a hike above the clouds – new video is out

a hike above the clouds

Hello everyone and happy Sunday!

After weeks and weeks of daily snowfalls, 2 days of torrential rain have been enough to melt all the snow on the ground.
When we woke up, our valley (and all those around) was once again covered in a thick layer of clouds. But to celebrate Imbolc, and to make the most of the one extra hour of daylight we’ve gained since the Winter equinox, we decided to spend the afternoon above the clouds. We hiked a path that goes through pine forests, had a chance to practice Forest Bathing in an enchanting golden light, and stopped for a late lunch (tomato soup and crackers).

But we also had to cross a hillside now left barren by logging. Vosges is indeed one of the main departments of the French wood industry – however, long gone are the days of lumberjacks. Nowadays, it’s sad to see the aftermath of clearcutting done through machinery and modern technology.
We were unsure whether to film this or not, but finally decided to show the reality of things. Some of the forests we hike to, are home to many wild Animals, lush trees, probably fairies and gnomes… but not all.

When we finally reached our destination, la Roche de Boslimpré, a granite formation above the Haute Meurthe valley, we found ourselves above a sea of clouds. Those same clouds that made the sky above our heads grey and rainy just a few hours before. Sitting in contemplation above a 30-meter ravine (just under 100 feet) in the distance you can see the Kemberg, the Ormont and the Champ-du-Feu mountains peeking through the blanket of mist. And after spending some time on this slippery yet welcoming rock surrounded by omnipresent trees, we realized the curfew currently in force in France was about to begin, and literally had to rush back home.

And so, this Sunday was spent chasing that elusive February light, the one that makes you feel like Winter is about to end (even though more snow is in the forecast for the coming days).

To watch the video, you can click here or play it directly:


We hope this contemplative video filled with nature sounds and sights will be a chance for you to spend some time outdoors, relax, slow down, take a deep breath, be present, be mindful. It’s the end of another beautiful day in the woods, thank you for spending it with us!

See you next week?

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